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dc.contributor.editor Jankowski, Bob
dc.contributor.editor Barley, Willis
dc.contributor.editor Frank, Robert
dc.contributor.editor Kappes, LeRoy
dc.contributor.editor Ellsmore, Fred
dc.contributor.editor Apfelberg, Hank
dc.contributor.editor Fusco, Bob
dc.contributor.editor Kohler, Jim
dc.contributor.editor Newsom, John
dc.contributor.editor Mayer, Bruce
dc.contributor.editor Burrier, Richard
dc.contributor.editor Habinak, Gerald 2009-07-14T15:04:43Z 2009-07-14T15:04:43Z 1962-11-02 1962-11-02T15:04:43Z
dc.identifier.other Vol. 38 No. 6
dc.description The weekly Official Publication of the Rochester Institute of Technology Member of the Associated Collegiate Press. Managing editor: Gary A. Ludwick; News editor: Tony Puskarz; Photo editor: Ken Spencer, Associate: William Feldman; Art editor: Ron Mesarox, Associate: Don Gacta; Copy editor: Walt Kabai, Associate: Robert Frank; Business manager: Herb Ingersull; Production manager: LeRoy Kappes, Associate: Fred Ellsmore; Advertising manager: Wayne Dingerson, Associates: Hank Apfelberg, Bob Fusco, Jim Kohler; Circulation manager: John Newsom, Associate: Bruce Mayer; Public relations: Richard Burrier, Associate: Gerald Habinak en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Rochester Institute of Technology en_US
dc.title Reporter en_US
dc.title.alternative RIT Reporter en_US
dc.title.alternative Reporter magazine en_US
dc.type Newspaper en_US
dc.description.tableOfContents New campus buildings discussed at luncheon (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Council's aims, purpose outlined at conference (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Student entertainment presented at weekend (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents 'Mock' election set for Tuesday (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Agner cited for scholastic achievement (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Sororities open rush with tea (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents 'Foreign Policy' topic of lecture (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Editorials: Calling all politicians (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents The Noblest of messes (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Cayley's corner (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents The Profile of a generation (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents RIT graduates form color plate company (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Senior research unique at RIT (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Council aims (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents SAC and A&D directors to give talks this month (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Phi Upsilon Phi to present the fall fashions (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Chemical society highly praised (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Women's club to hold sale (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents RIT is named for competition (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Concert held indoors (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Debaters in meet (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Highlights of parents-alumni weekend 1962 (p. 4)
dc.description.tableOfContents Editors attend journalism meet (p. 5)
dc.description.tableOfContents Status changes (p. 5)
dc.description.tableOfContents Fellowships now offered by research council (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Scholarships aid European studies (p. 7)
dc.description.tableOfContents Tiger tracks (p. 7)
dc.contributor.ManagingEditor Ludwick, Gary
dc.contributor.CopyEditor Kabai, Walt
dc.contributor.NewsEditor Puskarz, Gary
dc.contributor.PhotographyEditor Spencer, Ken
dc.contributor.AsstPhotoEditor Feldman, William
dc.contributor.BusinessManager Ingersull, Herb
dc.contributor.AdvManager Dingerson, Wayne

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