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dc.contributor.editor Barley, Willis
dc.contributor.editor Frank, Robert
dc.contributor.editor Cherchio, Nick
dc.contributor.editor Ellsmore, Fred
dc.contributor.editor Apfelberg, Hank
dc.contributor.editor Fusco, Bob
dc.contributor.editor Kohler, Jim
dc.contributor.editor Burrier, Richard
dc.contributor.editor Habinak, Gerald 2009-07-14T16:12:28Z 2009-07-14T16:12:28Z 1962-11-09 1962-11-09
dc.identifier.other Vol. 38 No. 7
dc.description The weekly Official Publication of the Rochester Institute of Technology Member of the Associated Collegiate Press. Managing editor: Gary A. Ludwick; News editor: Tony Puskarz; Photo editor: Ken Spencer, Associate: William Feldman; Art editor: Ron Mesarox, Associate: Don Gacta; Copy editor: Walt Kabai, Associate: Robert Frank; Business manager: Herb Ingersull; Sports editor: Hank Blaustein, Associate: Nick Cherchio; Production manager: LeRoy Kappes, Associate: Fred Ellsmore; Advertising manager: Wayne Dingerson, Associates: Hank Apfelberg, Bob Fusco, Jim Kohler; Circulation manager: John Newsom, Associate: Bruce Mayer; Public relations: Richard Burrier, Associate: Gerald Habinak en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Rochester Institute of Technology en_US
dc.title Reporter en_US
dc.title.alternative RIT Reporter en_US
dc.title.alternative Reporter magazine en_US
dc.type Newspaper en_US
dc.description.tableOfContents Former Czech judge questions lack of 'Justice Under Communism' (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Plati at powers for dorm formal (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Council president urges liberation of 'Dormant' spirit (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Folk singers to bring explosive humor here (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Grads future is topic of panel discussion (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Tau Kappa Alpha sponsors high school debate tourney (p. 1)
dc.description.tableOfContents Editorials: Posters, flyers present problems (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Bulletin boards need regulation (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Non-conformity: An advantage (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Cayley’s corner (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Letters to the editor (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Turnstile (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Talks and fun at SCF retreat (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents RIT debaters tie with SJF (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Chemistry adds Dietrich to staff (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Strader, Mrs.Van Slyke now IFC-ISC advisors (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Rock around the Glen (p. 4)
dc.description.tableOfContents Institute graduates serving in US national defense (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Some alumni In new jobs (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Graduates marry (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Outstanding alumni are cited (p. 7)
dc.description.tableOfContents Pitchman wind up schedule tomorrow shooting for final winning season (p. 7)
dc.description.tableOfContents Tiger tracks (p. 7)
dc.description.tableOfContents At Season's end (p. 7)
dc.description.tableOfContents Harriers impressive (p. 7)
dc.contributor.ExecutiveEditor Jankovski, Bob
dc.contributor.ManagingEditor Ludwick, Gary
dc.contributor.CopyEditor Kabai, Walt
dc.contributor.NewsEditor Puskarz, Tony
dc.contributor.SportsEditor Blaustein, Hank
dc.contributor.ArtEditor Mesarons, Ron
dc.contributor.PhotographyEditor Spencer, Ken
dc.contributor.AsstPhotoEditor Feldman, William
dc.contributor.BusinessManager Ingersull, Herb
dc.contributor.AdvManager Dingerson, Wayne

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