Millimeter wave free electron laser amplifiers: Experiments and designs

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Title: Millimeter wave free electron laser amplifiers: Experiments and designs
Author: Bidwell, S.; Zhang, Z.; Antonsen, T. Jr; Bensen, D.; Destler, William; Freund, H.; Granatstein, V.; Latham, P.; Levush, B.; Radack, D.; Rodgers, J.
Abstract: Free electron laser amplifiers are investigated as sources of high average-power (1 MW) millimeter to submillimeter wave radiation (200-600 GHz) for application to electron cyclotron resonance heating of magnetically confined fusion plasmas. As a stepping-stone to higher frequencies and cw operation a pulsed amplifier ((tau)(sub pulse) approx. equal to 80 nano-s) at 98 GHz is being developed. Status is reported on this experiment which investigates linear gain amplification with use of sheet electron beam (transverse cross section = 0.1 x 2.0 cm, V(sub beam) = 440 keV, I(sub beam) approx. equal to 10 A) and short-period wiggler ((ell)(sub w) = 0.96 cm) and with expected output of 140 W. Predictions of gain and efficiency from a 1-D universal formulation are presented. Beam propagation results, with wiggler focusing as a means of sheet beam confinement in both transverse dimensions, through the 54 cm (56 period) pulsed electromagnet wiggler are discussed. Peak wiggler fields of 5.1 kG on-axis have been achieved.
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Date: 1991-08

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