Show simple item record Beers, Mary Bowman, John Brown, Donna Galano, Donald Hoagland, Chris Lazarus, Alan Scholz, Mary Schwartz, Stanley Smith, James Trudeau, Eugene Weeks, James 2009-08-04T15:35:06Z 2009-08-04T15:35:06Z 1962-12-07
dc.identifier.other Vol. 38 No. 9
dc.description The weekly Official Publication of the Rochester Institute of Technology Member of the Associated Collegiate Press. Managing editor: Gary A. Ludwick; News editor: Tony Puskarz; Photo editor: Ken Spencer, Associate: William Feldman; Art editor: Ron Mesarox, Associate: Don Gacta; Copy editor: Walt Kabai, Associate: Robert Frank; Business manager: Herb Ingersull; Sports editor: Hank Blaustein, Associate: Nick Cherchio; Production manager: LeRoy Kappes, Associate: Fred Ellsmore; Advertising manager: Wayne Dingerson, Associates: Hank Apfelberg, Bob Fusco, Jim Kohler; Circulation manager: John Newsom, Associate: Bruce Mayer; Public relations: Richard Burrier, Associate: Gerald Habinak. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Rochester Institute of Technology en_US
dc.title Reporter en_US
dc.title.alternative RIT Reporter en_US
dc.title.alternative Reporter magazine en_US
dc.type Newspaper en_US
dc.description.tableOfContents Statement of Policy (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Rebel Commands 'Reporter' Staff (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Cynics Develop From Trust Lack, O'Brien Asserts (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Phi Upsilon Phi Goes National (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Student-Administrative Gap Narrowed by 'Decem Jani' (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Walls Collaborates On Institute Guide (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Late Registration Results in Fine (p. 2)
dc.description.tableOfContents Differences Make Choice Possible (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Cayley’s Corner (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Letters To The Editor (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents When I Grow Up (p. 3)
dc.description.tableOfContents Journalism Class Provides Reporters (p. 4)
dc.description.tableOfContents Retailers Go To Conference (p. 4)
dc.description.tableOfContents Almanac Predicts Snowy Winter (p. 4)
dc.description.tableOfContents Eisenberg Purchases Rifle; Brings FBI to RIT for Questioning (p. 4)
dc.description.tableOfContents High Scores on National Test (p. 5)
dc.description.tableOfContents Conference In Spring (p. 5)
dc.description.tableOfContents DePrez Responsible for New Research Laboratory (p. 5)
dc.description.tableOfContents Ilardo Elected Arts Council Head (p. 5)
dc.description.tableOfContents Courses Available (p. 5)
dc.description.tableOfContents Foods Dept. At Convention (p. 5)
dc.description.tableOfContents Color Brochure About Courses (p. 5)
dc.description.tableOfContents Co-op Program Changed Since 1912 Inception (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Hotel Features True Elegance (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Records Set By Alumni Campaign (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents New Organization Formed To Relieve World Tension (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Money Awards Are Announced (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents RIT Wives Sing (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Peace Workers (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Alumni Information Given (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents By George? (p. 6)
dc.description.tableOfContents Winter Schedule Opens; Hoopsters, Matmen Lose (p. 7)
dc.description.tableOfContents Cagers Drop Two Games (p. 7)
dc.description.tableOfContents Tiger Tracks (p. 7)
dc.description.tableOfContents Hockey Club To Open On Jan. 16 (p. 7)
dc.description.tableOfContents Let’s Make Mole! (p. 8)
dc.description.tableOfContents Church Unchanged From Early Days (p. 8)
dc.description.tableOfContents Trends Begin At College Level States Kalcheim (p. 8)
dc.description.tableOfContents Building Consultants Aid In New Campus Designs (p. 8)
dc.description.tableOfContents Shibani Basu Enrolled at BU (p. 8)
dc.description.tableOfContents Weekend Robbery (p. 8)

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