Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf: Supporting Learners, K- College: An International Symposium (2008)

Show simple item record Tsutomu, A Parton, B Saksiri, B Trager, B Briggs, C Camp, C Clarke, C Li, C Coco, D Frisina, D Kavin, D Miller, D Nowak-adamczyk, D Yao, D Cayender, A Raike, A Clymer, E Burton, G Lylak, G Poor, G Choi, H Mitchell, H Williams, H Parasnis, I Chang, J Delulio, J Hurdich, J Mallory, J Parry-Hill, J Porter, J Richards, J Woodward, J Chen, K Walker, K Braggiotti, L Elliot, L Qiang, L Dolezalavo, M Marschark, M McCarthy, M Shirasawa, M Starenko, M Yoshida, M Montagna, N Billies, P Grcevic, P Lalley, P Rahalewicz, P Saksiri, P Suphajanya, P DeCastro, R Handcock, R Ladner, R O'Neill, R Schatzberg, R Stifter, R Aldersley, S Ali, S Hansen, S Naqvi, S Saksiri, S Ting, S Webster, S Whitney, S Pagano, T Clymer, V Lampropoulou, V Samar, V Vodounou, V Ai-guo, W Dengfeng, Y 2009-09-10T18:20:08Z 2009-09-10T18:20:08Z 2008-06
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Rochester Institute of Technology en_US
dc.title Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf: Supporting Learners, K- College: An International Symposium (2008) en_US
dc.title.alternative ClassInFocus: A consolidated platform to promote accessibility in mainstream classrooms en_US
dc.title.alternative Universal design by open collaboration en_US
dc.title.alternative Technology and deaf education: needs and opportunities for technology infusion en_US
dc.title.alternative Meaning-for-meaning speech-to-text services: A better understanding en_US
dc.title.alternative Focusing on differences between the grammar structure of English and Czech in the process of teaching Czech deaf & hard-of-hearing university students en_US
dc.title.alternative Creating English-to-ASL translation using Powerpoint en_US
dc.title.alternative The use of communication technology by deaf people in Greece en_US
dc.title.alternative High frequency of online interaction correlates to classroom satisfaction in mainstreamed classes en_US
dc.title.alternative RIDBC teleschool: Innovation in remote service delivery en_US
dc.title.alternative Wireless emergency communications: Accessible alerts for people with disabilities en_US
dc.title.alternative Artificial representations of sign language to access information: How effective are they? en_US
dc.title.alternative Developing a bilingual online glossary of science signs: An evaluation en_US
dc.title.alternative Transforming deaf education in India through the use of technology: Possibilities and challenges en_US
dc.title.alternative Providing access in web conferencing systems en_US
dc.title.alternative Learning computer with virtual sign animated pedagogic agents en_US
dc.title.alternative Enhancing interaction between deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students through blended learning en_US
dc.title.alternative Building a community of ASL signers with VoiceThread en_US
dc.title.alternative Video, video everywhere... Using video in teaching en_US
dc.title.alternative Using clickers to enhance student learning and engagement en_US
dc.title.alternative Implementing a network of higher education for deaf students via internet in China en_US
dc.title.alternative Technical Signs in context program series en_US
dc.title.alternative Games at kool kids sign en_US
dc.title.alternative Developing a web-based training to support learning: A specialized course for the deaf in Korea en_US
dc.title.alternative A status report on the NTID center for access technology en_US
dc.title.alternative CART: Global learning one word at a time en_US
dc.title.alternative Applications for physical world hyperlinks in maximizing membership in the inclusive education of deaf/hard-of-hearing (D/HH) students en_US
dc.title.alternative Thinking of the internationalization of network education for the deaf en_US
dc.title.alternative Louisiana initiative for technology exploration with the deaf en_US
dc.title.alternative ASL video dictionary and inflection guide: the online version en_US
dc.title.alternative Empowering deaf professionals through video interpreting en_US
dc.title.alternative Report on PEN-Russia program en_US
dc.title.alternative Technology & foreign language instruction for deaf students en_US
dc.title.alternative Adapting learning materials to support the language acquisition of Black minority ethnic deaf individuals en_US
dc.title.alternative iTransition -- a free pepnet online resource! en_US
dc.title.alternative Deaf students at GSD benefit from interactive technology! en_US
dc.title.alternative Multimedia lessons by the design novice: Creating multimedia lessons with web 2.0 resources en_US
dc.title.alternative Establishing an infrastructure for a successful visual communication network en_US
dc.title.alternative Study and development of simulation teaching platform for deaf/hard-of-hearing students en_US
dc.title.alternative Adapting tablet PC technology as a support for students who are deaf or hard of hearing en_US
dc.title.alternative Online glossary of art and design terminology utilizing voice-interpreted/captioned sign language videos and visual images in multimedia format en_US
dc.title.alternative Utilizing lifelike, 3D animated signing avatar characters for the instruction of K-12 deaf learners en_US
dc.title.alternative Deaf professionals in education and social services: How the use of technologies has affected their career mobility experiences - An anecdotal study en_US
dc.title.alternative An analysis of text generation and information display methods en_US
dc.title.alternative Remedial Engish vocabulary and grammar software via the Internet en_US
dc.title.alternative Computer mediated communication in the classroom: Pedagogic applications of AIM en_US
dc.title.alternative Vision 3D: Digital discovery for the deaf en_US
dc.title.alternative NTID's sprint relay experimental distance learning / access demonstration lab: A catalyst for innovative outreach en_US
dc.title.alternative Signlinking 2.0 en_US
dc.title.alternative Wildcat news 43: Incorporating technology, academic ASL and English, and creative thinking into the classroom en_US
dc.title.alternative Web-based instruction on solar eclipse and lunar eclipse for the deaf and hard-of-hearing people en_US
dc.title.alternative Instructional software tool: A visual learning approach to conceptual barriers en_US
dc.title.alternative Accessible media policies: Creating, implementing and sustaining them in higher learning environments en_US
dc.title.alternative Using current technology to support and improve mathematics instruction en_US
dc.title.alternative A consolidated platform to promote accessibility in mainstream classrooms en_US
dc.title.alternative The status of postsecondary education for deaf & hard-of-hearing students in Korea Nazarene University en_US
dc.title.alternative Using classroom management software in teaching deaf people computing skills en_US
dc.title.alternative Bridging the distance: the use of videoconferencing for faculty development en_US
dc.title.alternative ASL-STEM forum en_US
dc.title.alternative Engaging students with educationally relevant social networking en_US
dc.title.alternative Instructional technologies and sign language interpreter training: the transition from analog to digital en_US
dc.title.alternative The role of assistive technologies in a process of internalization of the language system: multimedia teaching and learning foreign languages by students with hearing difficulties at the Jagiellonian University en_US
dc.title.alternative The discussion about the deaf university teaching mode under the framework of constructing information technology en_US
dc.title.alternative The national center for deaf health research heath survey: Demonstration of a linguistically accessible heath surveillance instrument for deaf communities en_US
dc.title.alternative Enhancing the accessibility of postsecondary educational institutions in Japan en_US
dc.title.alternative Mutual exchange program between Tsukuba University of Technology (TUT) in Japan and Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) in Russia en_US
dc.title.alternative Development of sign language materials for deaf students in third world countries: a scientific and technical approach en_US
dc.title.alternative The development of sign language dictionary and related resources in Vietnam en_US
dc.title.alternative Universal design by open collaboration en_US
dc.title.alternative Report on the deaf and hard-of-hearing cyber-community summit en_US
dc.title.alternative Do deaf students' visuospatial abilities give them an advantage in multimedia classrooms? en_US
dc.title.alternative Improving deaf students' access to technical education and intercultural communication through online learning en_US
dc.title.alternative Notetaking strategies -- the what, who and how en_US
dc.title.alternative Videoconferencing using open-source software: Building a proof-of-concept platform for communications and distance learning en_US
dc.title.alternative Mocap ASL in the sciences: results and future en_US
dc.title.alternative PEN-International: Fostering international projects with instructional and access technologies en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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ARaikePhoto6-25-2008.pdf 64.61Kb PDF View/Open
ARaikeSummary6-25-2008.pdf 18.25Kb PDF View/Open
ARaikeTranscript6-25-2008.pdf 64.74Kb PDF View/Open
AStanevskyHandout6-23-2008_2.pdf 1.211Mb PDF View/Open
AStanevskyHandout6-23-2008.pdf 1.241Mb PDF View/Open
AStanevskyPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 105.8Kb PDF View/Open
AStanevskySummary6-23-2008.pdf 17.80Kb PDF View/Open
ATsutomuPhoto6-25-2008.pdf 66.03Kb PDF View/Open
BPartonPaper6-25-2008.pdf 229.6Kb PDF View/Open
BPartonPhoto6-25-2008.pdf 76.55Kb PDF View/Open
BPartonSummary6-25-2008.pdf 18.08Kb PDF View/Open
BSaksiriPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 81.96Kb PDF View/Open
BSaksiriPPT6-23-2008.pdf 2.808Mb PDF View/Open
BSAksiriSummary6-23-2008.pdf 18.09Kb PDF View/Open
BSAksiriSummary6-23-2008.pdf 18.09Kb PDF View/Open
BTragerPaper6-24-2008.pdf 994.6Kb PDF View/Open
BTragerPhoto6-24-2008.pdf 97.07Kb PDF View/Open
BTragerPPT6-24-2008.pdf 7.868Mb PDF View/Open
BTragerSummary6-24-2008.pdf 19.11Kb PDF View/Open
BTragerTranscript.pdf 35.67Kb PDF View/Open
CBriggsPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 115.2Kb PDF View/Open
CBriggsSummary.pdf 18.47Kb PDF View/Open
CCampPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 74.24Kb PDF View/Open
CCampSummary6-23-2008.pdf 18.60Kb PDF View/Open
CCampTranscript6-23-2008.pdf 58.47Kb PDF View/Open
CClarkePaper06-24-2008.pdf 122.2Kb PDF View/Open
CClarkePhoto06-24-2008.pdf 40.70Kb PDF View/Open
CClarkePPT06-24-2008.pdf 5.553Mb PDF View/Open
CClarkeSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.22Kb PDF View/Open
CClarkeTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 51.35Kb PDF View/Open
CLiPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 105.6Kb PDF View/Open
CLiSummary06-23-2008.pdf 17.91Kb PDF View/Open
DCocoPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 56.86Kb PDF View/Open
DCocoSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.27Kb PDF View/Open
DCocoTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 42.59Kb PDF View/Open
DFrisinaPaper06-23-2008.pdf 55.45Kb PDF View/Open
DFrisinaPPT06-23-2008.pdf 255.8Kb PDF View/Open
DKavinPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 44.64Kb PDF View/Open
DKAvinSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.15Kb PDF View/Open
DKavinTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 35.33Kb PDF View/Open
DMillerPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 105.5Kb PDF View/Open
DMillerSummary06-24-2008.pdf 36.51Kb PDF View/Open
DNowak-AdamczykPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 94.50Kb PDF View/Open
DYaoPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 97.71Kb PDF View/Open
DYaoPPT06-24-2008.pdf 921.8Kb PDF View/Open
DYaoSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.06Kb PDF View/Open
DYaoTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 27.11Kb PDF View/Open
EClymerPaper6-23-2008.pdf 758.4Kb PDF View/Open
EClymerPaper6-25-2008.pdf 206.9Kb PDF View/Open
EClymerPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 58.82Kb PDF View/Open
EClymerPPT6-25-2008.pdf 134.5Kb PDF View/Open
EClymerSummary6-23-2008.pdf 18.33Kb PDF View/Open
EClymerSummary6-25-2008.pdf 18.49Kb PDF View/Open
EClymerTranscript6-25-2008.pdf 34.90Kb PDF View/Open
GBurtonPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 54.13Kb PDF View/Open
GBurtonSummary06-24-2008.pdf 17.92Kb PDF View/Open
GBurtonTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 39.36Kb PDF View/Open
GLylakPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 50.86Kb PDF View/Open
GLylakSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.4Kb PDF View/Open
GLylakTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 59.68Kb PDF View/Open
GPoorPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 60.83Kb PDF View/Open
GPoorSummary06-23-2008.pdf 17.57Kb PDF View/Open
HChoiPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 117.9Kb PDF View/Open
HChoiPoster06-23-2008.pdf 3.676Mb PDF View/Open
HChoiSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.29Kb PDF View/Open
HMitchellPaper06-23-2008.pdf 417.2Kb PDF View/Open
HMitchellPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 87.33Kb PDF View/Open
HMitchellPPT06-23-2008.pdf 1.276Mb PDF View/Open
HMitchellSummary06-23-2008.pdf 50.63Kb PDF View/Open
HMitchellTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 71.47Kb PDF View/Open
HWilliamsPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 47.59Kb PDF View/Open
HWilliamsSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.16Kb PDF View/Open
HWilliamsTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 63.65Kb PDF View/Open
IParansisSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.01Kb PDF View/Open
IParasnisPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 50.26Kb PDF View/Open
IParasnisSummary06-23-2008.pdf 17.68Kb PDF View/Open
IParasnisSummary-2_06-23-2008.pdf 18.02Kb PDF View/Open
IParasnisTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 40.65Kb PDF View/Open
IParasnisTranscript-2_06-23-2008.pdf 39.62Kb PDF View/Open
JChangPaper06-24-2008.pdf 298.4Kb PDF View/Open
JChangPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 68.47Kb PDF View/Open
JChangSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.04Kb PDF View/Open
JDelulioPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 111.9Kb PDF View/Open Delulio Photo
JDelulioSummar06-23-2008.pdf 18.17Kb PDF View/Open Delulio Summary
JHurdichPaper06-24-2008.pdf 342.0Kb PDF View/Open Hurdich Paper
JHurdichPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 97.64Kb PDF View/Open Hurdich Photo
JHurdichPPT06-24-2008.pdf 5.485Mb PDF View/Open Hurdich PPT
JHurdichSummary06-24-2008.pdf 19.17Kb PDF View/Open Summary
JHurdichTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 37.56Kb PDF View/Open Hurdich Transcript
JMalloryPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 93.89Kb PDF View/Open Mallory Photo
JMalloryPPT6-23-2008.pdf 9.854Mb PDF View/Open Mallory PPT
JMallorySummary6-23-2008.pdf 18.32Kb PDF View/Open Mallory Summary
JMalloryTranscript6-23-2008.pdf 41.74Kb PDF View/Open Mallory Transcript
JParry-HillPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 103.3Kb PDF View/Open Parry-Hill Photo
JParry-HillSummary06-23-2008.pdf 17.96Kb PDF View/Open Parry-Hill Summary
JParry-HillTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 30.77Kb PDF View/Open Parry-Hill Transcript
JPorterPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 89.63Kb PDF View/Open Porter Photo
JPorterSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.69Kb PDF View/Open Porter Summary
JRichardsPaper06-24-2008.pdf 173.5Kb PDF View/Open Richards Paper
JRichardsPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 51.52Kb PDF View/Open Richards Photo
JWoodwardHandout06-24-2008.pdf 283.9Kb PDF View/Open Woodward Handout
JWoodwardPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 112.4Kb PDF View/Open Woodward Photo
JWoodwardSummary06-24-2008.pdf 17.57Kb PDF View/Open Woodward Paper
KChengPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 66.53Kb PDF View/Open Cheng Photo
KChengPPT06-24-2008.pdf 257.3Kb PDF View/Open Cheng PPT
KWalkerHandout06-24-2008.pdf 204.8Kb PDF View/Open Walker Handout
KWalkerPaper06-24-2008.pdf 39.08Kb PDF View/Open Walker Paper
KWalkerPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 83.81Kb PDF View/Open Walker Photo
KWalkerPPT06-24-2008.pdf 193.5Kb PDF View/Open Walker PPT
LBraggiottiPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 99.62Kb PDF View/Open Braggiotti Photo
LBraggiottiSummary06-23-2008.pdf 19.42Kb PDF View/Open Braggiotti Summary
LElliotPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 49.87Kb PDF View/Open Elliot Photo
LElliotPPT06-24-2008.pdf 4.237Mb PDF View/Open Elliot PPT
LElliotSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.36Kb PDF View/Open Elliot Summary
LElliotTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 41.82Kb PDF View/Open Elliot Transcript
LQiangPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 109.5Kb PDF View/Open Qiang Photo
LQiangSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.34Kb PDF View/Open Qiang Summary
MDolezalavoPPT6-23-2008.pdf 71.13Kb PDF View/Open Dolezalavo PPT
MDolezalovaPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 107.4Kb PDF View/Open Dolezalavo Photo
MDolezalovaTranscript6-23-2008.pdf 30.40Kb PDF View/Open Dolezalavo Transcript
MDolezelavaSummary6-23-2008.pdf 18.09Kb PDF View/Open Dolezalavo Summary
MMarscharkPhoto06-25-2008.pdf 70.25Kb PDF View/Open Marschark Photo
MMarscharkSummary06-25-2008.pdf 17.95Kb PDF View/Open Marschark Summary
MMcCarthyPaper06-23-2008.pdf 27.47Kb PDF View/Open McCarthy Paper
MMcCarthyPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 56.48Kb PDF View/Open McCarthy Photo
MMcCarthySummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.14Kb PDF View/Open McCarthy Summary
MMcCarthyTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 49.90Kb PDF View/Open McCarthy Transcript
MShirasawaPaper06-24-2008.pdf 66.39Kb PDF View/Open Shirasawa Paper
MShirasawaPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 104.1Kb PDF View/Open Shirasawa Photo
MShirasawaSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.12Kb PDF View/Open Shirasawa Summary
MStarenkoPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 59.77Kb PDF View/Open Starenko Photo
MStarenkoPPT06-23-2008.pdf 7.309Mb PDF View/Open Starenko PPT
MStarenkoSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.19Kb PDF View/Open Starenko Summary
MStarenkoTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 37.25Kb PDF View/Open Starenko Transcript
MYoshidaPaper06-25-2008.pdf 440.7Kb PDF View/Open Yoshida Paper
MYoshidaPhoto06-25-2008.pdf 55.65Kb PDF View/Open Yoshida Photo
MYoshidaPPT06-25-2008.pdf 440.7Kb PDF View/Open Yoshida PPT
MYoshidaSummary06-25-2008.pdf 18.08Kb PDF View/Open Yoshida Summary
MYoshidaTranscript06-25-2008.pdf 34.44Kb PDF View/Open Yoshida Transcript
NMontagnaPaper06-24-2008.pdf 2.904Mb PDF View/Open Montagna Paper
NMontagnaPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 92.60Kb PDF View/Open Montagna Photo
NMontagnaSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.19Kb PDF View/Open Montagna Summary
PBilliesHandout06-24-2008.pdf 799.1Kb PDF View/Open Billies Handout
PBilliesPaper06-24-2008.pdf 62.97Kb PDF View/Open Billies Paper
PBilliesPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 88.73Kb PDF View/Open Billies Photo
PBilliesSummary06-24-2008.pdf 9.197Kb PDF View/Open Billies Summary
PBilliesTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 42.59Kb PDF View/Open Billies Transcript
PGrcevicPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 54.87Kb PDF View/Open Grcevic Photo
PGrcevicPPT06-24-2008.pdf 1.152Mb PDF View/Open Grcevic PPT
PGrcevicSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.36Kb PDF View/Open Grcevic Summary
PGrcevicTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 35.91Kb PDF View/Open
PLalleyPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 72.73Kb PDF View/Open
PLalleySummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.96Kb PDF View/Open
PLalleyTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 69.30Kb PDF View/Open
PRahalewiczPhoto06-25-2008.pdf 49.20Kb PDF View/Open
PRahalewiczPPT06-25-2008.pdf 5.223Mb PDF View/Open
PRahalewiczSummary06-25-2008.pdf 18.10Kb PDF View/Open
PRahalewiczTranscript06-25-2008.pdf 79.35Kb PDF View/Open
PSaksiriPaper06-23-2008.pdf 155.1Kb PDF View/Open
PSuphajanyaPaper06-24-2008.pdf 749.5Kb PDF View/Open
PSuphajanyaPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 56.31Kb PDF View/Open
PSuphajanyaPPT06-24-2008.pdf 5.536Mb PDF View/Open
PSuphajanyaSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.10Kb PDF View/Open
PSuphajanyaTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 30.20Kb PDF View/Open
RDeCastroPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 64.59Kb PDF View/Open
RDeCastroSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.22Kb PDF View/Open
RFrisinaPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 44.61Kb PDF View/Open
RFrisinaTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 54.13Kb PDF View/Open
RHancockPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 63.83Kb PDF View/Open
RHancockSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.01Kb PDF View/Open
RLadnerPaper06-24-2008.pdf 572.0Kb PDF View/Open
RLadnerPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 86.42Kb PDF View/Open
RLadnerSummary06-24-2008.pdf 17.87Kb PDF View/Open
RO'NeillPaper06-23-2008.pdf 92.85Kb PDF View/Open
RO'NeillPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 92.20Kb PDF View/Open
RO'NeillSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.18Kb PDF View/Open
RO'NeillTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 42.40Kb PDF View/Open
RSchatzbergPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 110.3Kb PDF View/Open
RSchatzbergSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.01Kb PDF View/Open
RStifterPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 71.63Kb PDF View/Open
RStifterSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.02Kb PDF View/Open
RStifterTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 41.78Kb PDF View/Open
RStrifterTranscript-2_06-23-2008.pdf 42.65Kb PDF View/Open
SAldersleyPhoto_06-24-2008.pdf 76.41Kb PDF View/Open
SAldersleySummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.71Kb PDF View/Open
SAldersleyTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 85.97Kb PDF View/Open
SAliPaper06-24-2008.pdf 36.69Kb PDF View/Open
SAliPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 94.46Kb PDF View/Open
SAliSummary06-24-2008.pdf 8.178Kb PDF View/Open
SAliTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 23.98Kb PDF View/Open
SHansenHandout6-23-2008-1.pdf 3.410Mb PDF View/Open
SHansenPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 52.50Kb PDF View/Open
SHansenPPT6-23-2008.pdf 963.6Kb PDF View/Open
SHansenSummary06-23-2008.pdf 17.71Kb PDF View/Open
SHansenTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 34.82Kb PDF View/Open
SNaqviPaper06-23-2008.pdf 111.0Kb PDF View/Open
SNaqviPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 99.04Kb PDF View/Open
SNaqviSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.10Kb PDF View/Open
SNaqviTranscript06-23-2008.pdf 41.53Kb PDF View/Open
SSaksiriSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.08Kb PDF View/Open
STingHandout06-23-2008.pdf 122.5Kb PDF View/Open
STingPaper06-23-2008.pdf 106.9Kb PDF View/Open
STingPaper-1_06-23-2008.pdf 102.4Kb PDF View/Open
STingPaper-1_06-23-2008.pdf 102.4Kb PDF View/Open
STingPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 56.56Kb PDF View/Open
STingPPT06-23-2008.pdf 4.660Mb PDF View/Open
STingSummary06-23-2008.pdf 18.15Kb PDF View/Open
STingSummary-2_06-23-2008.pdf 18.35Kb PDF View/Open
STingSummary-2_06-23-2008.pdf 18.35Kb PDF View/Open
STingTranscript_06-23-2008.pdf 53.98Kb PDF View/Open
STingTranscript-2_06-23-2008.pdf 38.48Kb PDF View/Open
SWebsterPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 68.42Kb PDF View/Open
SWebsterPPT06-24-2008.pdf 1.333Mb PDF View/Open
SWebsterSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.79Kb PDF View/Open
SWhitneyPhoto06-25-2008.pdf 72.05Kb PDF View/Open
SWhitneySummary06-25-2008.pdf 18.65Kb PDF View/Open
SWhitneyTranscript06-25-2008.pdf 60.54Kb PDF View/Open
SWhitneyTranscript06-25-2008.pdf 60.54Kb PDF View/Open
TPaganoPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 111.8Kb PDF View/Open
TPaganoSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.64Kb PDF View/Open
TPaganoTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 61.68Kb PDF View/Open
VClymerPaper06-23-2008.pdf 758.4Kb PDF View/Open
VLampropoulouPhoto6-23-2008.pdf 60.31Kb PDF View/Open
VLampropoulouPPT6-23-2008.pdf 243.4Kb PDF View/Open
VLampropoulouSummary6-23-2008.pdf 17.99Kb PDF View/Open
VLampropoulouTranscript6-23-2008.pdf 39.64Kb PDF View/Open
VSamarPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 100.7Kb PDF View/Open
VSamarSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.10Kb PDF View/Open
VVodounouSummary06-24-2008.pdf 17.96Kb PDF View/Open
WAi-guoPhoto06-23-2008.pdf 94.63Kb PDF View/Open
WAi-GuoSummary06-23-2008.pdf 17.63Kb PDF View/Open
YDengfengPhoto06-24-2008.pdf 97.71Kb PDF View/Open
YDengfengPPT06-24-2008.pdf 921.8Kb PDF View/Open
YDengfengSummary06-24-2008.pdf 18.10Kb PDF View/Open
YDengfengTranscript06-24-2008.pdf 29.74Kb PDF View/Open

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