Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf: Supporting Learners, K- College: An International Symposium (2005)

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Title: Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf: Supporting Learners, K- College: An International Symposium (2005)
Author: Berent, Gerald; Egelston-Dodd, Judy; Glenn, Chance; Grosshans, Raymond; Kavin, Denise; Gottermeier, Linda; Beil, Donald; Billies, Pat; Elliot, Lisa; Fugate, James; Robinson, Vicki; Schull, Jonathan; Toscano, Rose; Poor, Geoffrey; Rahalewicz, Patricia; Mallory, James; Ting, Simon; Dollinger-Meyer, Kathy; Hoffmann, Kenneth; Lalley, Peter; Rothman-Marshall, Gail; Stappenbeck, Denise; Beiter, Karen; Bick, Stacy; Toscano, Tony; Williams, Hope; Sims, Donald; Castle, Nancy; Darroch, Kathleen
Description: Symposium held June 27-29, 2005 ~ workshops; June 29-30, 2005 ~ Symposium at National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester Institute of Technology , Rochester, NY. See Symposium website at The objective of the Symposium is to provide a forum for the educators supporting deaf and hard of hearing learners to disseminate information relative to current and future innovations and developments in the use of educational media and technology in the teaching/learning process. Additionally, pre-conference workshops will provide participants with sophisticated, hands-on training on the use of instructional technology in deaf education. The symposium will offer a diverse program with a good mix of K-12, postsecondary and international representation on the program and in participation. Symposium materials are available at the Symposium website:
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Date: 2005-06

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DStappenbeckPhoto06-29-05.pdf 59.47Kb PDF View/Open
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GBerentPhoto06-27-05.pdf 118.0Kb PDF View/Open
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GMarshallSummary06-29-05.pdf 25.36Kb PDF View/Open
GPoorPhoto06-28-05.pdf 69.88Kb PDF View/Open
GPoorSummary06-28-05.pdf 28.15Kb PDF View/Open
HWilliamsPhoto06-30-05.pdf 64.65Kb PDF View/Open
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JEgelstonPaper06-27-05.pdf 31.25Kb PDF View/Open
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JFugatePhoto06-28-05.pdf 28.80Kb PDF View/Open
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JMalloryPaper06-29-05.pdf 44.44Kb PDF View/Open
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JSchullPhoto06-28-05.pdf 70.96Kb PDF View/Open
JSchullSummary06-28-05.pdf 30.07Kb PDF View/Open
JSchullTranscript06-28-05.pdf 122.8Kb PDF View/Open
KBeiterPhoto06-30-05.pdf 39.73Kb PDF View/Open
KBeiterSummary06-30-05.pdf 27.49Kb PDF View/Open
KDollingerMeyerPhoto06-29-05.pdf 65.82Kb PDF View/Open
KDollingerMeyerSummary06-29-05.pdf 25.90Kb PDF View/Open
KHoffmannPhoto06-29-05.pdf 60.70Kb PDF View/Open
KHoffmannSummary06-29-05.pdf 31.71Kb PDF View/Open
LElliotPaper06-28-05.pdf 40.88Kb PDF View/Open
LElliotSummary06-28-05.pdf 24.85Kb PDF View/Open
LElliottPhoto06-28-05.pdf 97.94Kb PDF View/Open
LElliotTranscript06-28-05.pdf 101.5Kb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierPaper06-27-05.pdf 6.766Mb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierPaper06-28-05.pdf 626.1Kb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierPhoto06-27-05.pdf 73.82Kb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierPhoto06-28-05.pdf 71.51Kb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierSummary06-27-05.pdf 30.98Kb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierSummary06-28-05.pdf 27.72Kb PDF View/Open
NCastlePaper06-27-05.pdf 41.59Kb PDF View/Open
NCastlePhoto06-27-05.pdf 58.59Kb PDF View/Open
NCastlePPt06-27-05.pdf 97.44Kb PDF View/Open
NCastleSummary06-27-05.pdf 23.81Kb PDF View/Open
NCastleTranscript06-27-05.pdf 108.9Kb PDF View/Open
PBilliesPaper06-28-05.pdf 703.1Kb PDF View/Open
PBilliesPhoto06-28-05.pdf 88.17Kb PDF View/Open
PBilliesPhoto06-29-05.pdf 29.01Kb PDF View/Open
PBilliesPPt06-28-05.pdf 709.5Kb PDF View/Open
PBilliesPPt06-29-05.pdf 1.023Mb PDF View/Open
PBilliesSummary06-28-05.pdf 24.35Kb PDF View/Open
PBilliesSummary06-29-05.pdf 30.28Kb PDF View/Open
PBilliesTranscript06-28-05.pdf 96.23Kb PDF View/Open
PBilliesTranscript06-29-05.pdf 89.04Kb PDF View/Open
PLalleyPhoto06-29-05.pdf 115.7Kb PDF View/Open
PLalleySummary06-29-05.pdf 30.10Kb PDF View/Open
PRahalewiczPhoto06-28-05.pdf 74.69Kb PDF View/Open
PRahalewiczPPt06-28-05.pdf 99.54Kb PDF View/Open
PRahalewiczSummary06-28-05.pdf 29.23Kb PDF View/Open
RGrosshansPaper06-27-05.pdf 200.5Kb PDF View/Open
RGrosshansPhoto06-27-05.pdf 21.42Kb PDF View/Open
RGrosshansSummary06-27-05.pdf 26.33Kb PDF View/Open
RGrosshansTranscript06-27-05.pdf 81.93Kb PDF View/Open
RToscanoPhoto06-28-05.pdf 63.01Kb PDF View/Open
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RToscanoSummary06-28-05.pdf 31.59Kb PDF View/Open
RToscanoTranscript06-28-05.pdf 113.8Kb PDF View/Open
SBickSummary06-30-05.pdf 26.67Kb PDF View/Open
STingPhoto06-29-05.pdf 47.8Kb PDF View/Open
STingPPt06-29-05.pdf 659.7Kb PDF View/Open
STingSummary06-29-05.pdf 24.75Kb PDF View/Open
STingTranscript06-29-05.pdf 105.2Kb PDF View/Open
TToscanoPhoto06-30-05.pdf 71.47Kb PDF View/Open
TToscanoSummary06-30-05.pdf 28.22Kb PDF View/Open
VRobinsonPhoto06-28-05.pdf 42.06Kb PDF View/Open
VRobinsonSummary06-28-05.pdf 27.22Kb PDF View/Open
VRobinsonTranscript06-28-05.pdf 103.9Kb PDF View/Open

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