Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf: Supporting Learners, K- College: An International Symposium (2001)

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Title: Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf: Supporting Learners, K- College: An International Symposium (2001)
Author: Mumford, Bonnie; Lauria, Dino; Mineck, Edward; Berent, Gerald; Lang, Harry; DeCaro, James; Mallory, James; Reeves, June; Wallber, Josara; Finton, Ken; Elliot, Lisa; Gottermeier, Linda; Siple, Linda; Young, Marsha; DeCaro, Patricia; Kelly, Ronald; Paine, Robert; Stifter, Rosemary; Ting, Simon; Newell, William
Description: Symposium held June 25-27, 2001 ~ workshops; June 28-29, 2001 ~ Symposium at National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester Institute of Technology , Rochester, NY. See Symposium website at: . The objective of the Symposium is to provide a forum for the educators supporting deaf and hard of hearing learners to disseminate information relative to current and future innovations and developments in the use of educational media and technology in the teaching/learning process. Additionally, post-conference workshops will provide participants with sophisticated, hands-on training on the use of instructional technology in deaf education. The symposium will offer a diverse program with a good mix of K-12, postsecondary and international representation on the program and in participation. Symposium materials are available at the Symposium website:
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Date: 2001-06

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DLauriaAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 24.73Kb PDF View/Open
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EMineckAbstract06-26-2001.pdf 26.53Kb PDF View/Open
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GBerentAbstract06-26-2001.pdf 26.39Kb PDF View/Open
GBerentPaper06-26-2001.pdf 77.88Kb PDF View/Open
GBerentPhoto06-26-2001.pdf 72.94Kb PDF View/Open
GBerentSummary06-26-2001.pdf 28.13Kb PDF View/Open
HLangAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 27.86Kb PDF View/Open
HLangPaper06-25-2001.pdf 64.82Kb PDF View/Open
HLangPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 110.2Kb PDF View/Open
HLangSummary06-25-2001.pdf 30.09Kb PDF View/Open
JDeCaroAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 27.59Kb PDF View/Open
JDeCaroPaper06-25-2001.pdf 14.64Mb PDF View/Open
JDeCaroPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 85.36Kb PDF View/Open
JDeCaroSummary06-25-2001.pdf 29.26Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Abstract06-25-2001.pdf 25.53Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Abstract06-26-2001.pdf 25.31Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Paper06-25-2001.pdf 431.0Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Paper06-26-2001.pdf 89.44Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Photo06-25-2001.pdf 60.07Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Photo06-26-2001.pdf 77.44Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Summary06-25-2001.pdf 28.06Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Summary06-26-2001.pdf 26.55Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Transcript06-25-2001.pdf 114.9Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory1Transcript06-26-2001.pdf 104.3Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory2Abstract06-25-2001.pdf 24.82Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory2Abstract06-26-2001.pdf 25.65Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory2Paper06-25-2001.pdf 345.3Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory2Paper06-26-2001.pdf 473.7Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory2Photo06-25-2001.pdf 77.16Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory2Photo06-26-2001.pdf 75.21Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory2Summary06-25-2001.pdf 27.62Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory2Summary06-26-2001.pdf 27.11Kb PDF View/Open
JMallory2Transcript06-25-2001.pdf 75.88Kb PDF View/Open
JReevesAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 26.91Kb PDF View/Open
JReevesPaper06-25-2001.pdf 426.2Kb PDF View/Open
JReevesPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 118.5Kb PDF View/Open
JReevesSummary06-25-2001.pdf 28.51Kb PDF View/Open
JWallberAbstract06-26-2001.pdf 23.39Kb PDF View/Open
JWallberPaper06-26-2001.pdf 86.82Kb PDF View/Open
JWallberPhoto06-26-2001.pdf 68.58Kb PDF View/Open
JWallberSummary06-26-2001.pdf 27.53Kb PDF View/Open
JWallberTranscript06-26-2001.pdf 103.6Kb PDF View/Open
KFintonAbstract06-26-2001.pdf 32.60Kb PDF View/Open
KFintonPaper06-26-2001.pdf 45.47Kb PDF View/Open
KFintonPhoto06-26-2001.pdf 72.84Kb PDF View/Open
KFintonSummary06-26-2001.pdf 28.87Kb PDF View/Open
LElliotAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 25.65Kb PDF View/Open
LElliotPaper06-25-2001.pdf 148.1Kb PDF View/Open
LElliotPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 60.66Kb PDF View/Open
LElliotSummary06-25-2001.pdf 27.84Kb PDF View/Open
LElliotTranscript06-25-2001.pdf 106.2Kb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 26.79Kb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierPaper06-25-2001.pdf 47.76Kb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 73.46Kb PDF View/Open
LGottermeierSummary06-25-2001.pdf 28.28Kb PDF View/Open
LSipleAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 25.51Kb PDF View/Open
LSiplePaper06-25-2001.pdf 2.197Mb PDF View/Open
LSiplePhoto06-25-2001.pdf 62.02Kb PDF View/Open
LSipleSummary06-25-2001.pdf 27.39Kb PDF View/Open
MYoungAbstract06-26-2001.pdf 26.78Kb PDF View/Open
MYoungPhoto06-26-2001.pdf 79.37Kb PDF View/Open
MYoungSummary06-26-2001.pdf 26.62Kb PDF View/Open
NTIDDistanceLearning1Abstract06-25-2001.pdf 25.39Kb PDF View/Open
NTIDDistanceLearning1Paper06-25-2001.pdf 134.7Kb PDF View/Open
NTIDDistanceLearning1Photo06-25-2001.pdf 44.55Kb PDF View/Open
NTIDDistanceLearning1Summary06-25-2001.pdf 28.5Kb PDF View/Open
NTIDDistanceLearning1Transcript06-25-2001.pdf 155.4Kb PDF View/Open
NTIDDistanceLearning2Abstract06-25-2001.pdf 25.52Kb PDF View/Open
NTIDDistanceLearning2Paper06-25-2001.pdf 134.7Kb PDF View/Open
NTIDDistanceLearning2Photo06-25-2001.pdf 75.95Kb PDF View/Open
NTIDDistanceLearning2Summary06-25-2001.pdf 28.43Kb PDF View/Open
PDeCaroAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 24.60Kb PDF View/Open
PDeCaroPaper06-25-2001.pdf 623.1Kb PDF View/Open
PDeCaroPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 64.11Kb PDF View/Open
PDeCaroSummary06-25-2001.pdf 28.37Kb PDF View/Open
PDeCaroTranscript06-25-2001.pdf 95.91Kb PDF View/Open
RKellyAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 25.73Kb PDF View/Open
RKellyPaper06-25-2001.pdf 412.7Kb PDF View/Open
RKellyPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 89.25Kb PDF View/Open
RKellySummary06-25-2001.pdf 29.04Kb PDF View/Open
RKellyTranscript06-25-2001.pdf 89.49Kb PDF View/Open
RPaineAbstract06-26-2001.pdf 26.50Kb PDF View/Open
RPainePhoto06-26-2001.pdf 45.99Kb PDF View/Open
RPaineSummary06-26-2001.pdf 28.90Kb PDF View/Open
RPaineTranscript06-26-2001.pdf 76.76Kb PDF View/Open
RStifterAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 25.78Kb PDF View/Open
RStifterPaper06-25-2001.pdf 149.7Kb PDF View/Open
RStifterPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 79.10Kb PDF View/Open
RStifterSummary06-25-2001.pdf 28.55Kb PDF View/Open
RStifterTranscript06-25-2001.pdf 128.6Kb PDF View/Open
STingAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 24.44Kb PDF View/Open
STingPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 119.4Kb PDF View/Open
STingSummary06-25-2001.pdf 29.16Kb PDF View/Open
STingTranscript06-25-2001.pdf 59.40Kb PDF View/Open
WNewellAbstract06-25-2001.pdf 27.10Kb PDF View/Open
WNewellPaper06-25-2001.pdf 227.6Kb PDF View/Open
WNewellPhoto06-25-2001.pdf 89.11Kb PDF View/Open
WNewellSummary06-25-2001.pdf 28.08Kb PDF View/Open

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