Volatile corrosion inhibitors technology for protection of machined metal parts during storage and distribution

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Title: Volatile corrosion inhibitors technology for protection of machined metal parts during storage and distribution
Author: Sobkin, Alexander
Abstract: The significant dollar losses that can occur when metallic products are damaged or lost, due to rust and corrosion, force many manufacturers to concentrate efforts on corrosion control and prevention during packaging, shipping and storage. Many people often simply accept corrosion as an inevitable problem. Actually, something can and should be done to prolong the life of many metals exposed to corrosive environments. Many of the standard methods to control corrosion, paint, grease and wax, for example, are messy, time consuming and expensive. These methods also pose a potential threat to the environment unless properly treated and disposed. An alternative way to protect metals against corrosion - without dipping, cleaning, expensive waste treatment and without damaging the environment is represented by volatile corrosion inhibitors. Volatile (or vapor) corrosion inhibitors (VCI) condition an enclosed atmosphere with a protective vapor that condenses on all metal surfaces including recessed areas and cavities not reached with conventional methods. The VCI ions form a thin, monomolecular protective film at the metal surface, forming a barrier that self -replenishes through further condensation on the vapor2. The purpose of this study was to compare and evaluate the corrosion protection capabilities of packaging materials treated with volatile corrosion inhibitors. The hypothesis of this particular study was that combinations of VCI treated packaging materials (LDPE and LLDPE films, foam and emitters) can offer a moderate to high degree of protection for multi-metal machined parts exposed to a highly corrosive environment. The study determined that VCI materials, when properly applied, can provide high levels of protection for machined metal parts.
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Date: 1999

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