Large-scale outflows in edge-on Seyfert Galaxies. III. Kiloparsec-scale soft X-ray emission

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Title: Large-scale outflows in edge-on Seyfert Galaxies. III. Kiloparsec-scale soft X-ray emission
Author: Colbert, Edward; Baum, Stefi; O'Dea, Christopher; Veilleux, Sylvain
Abstract: We present ROSAT PSPC and HRI images of eight galaxies selected from a distance-limited sample of 22 edge-on Seyfert galaxies. Kiloparsec-scale soft X-ray nebulae extend along the galaxy minor axes in three galaxies (NGC 2992, NGC 4388, and NGC 5506). The extended X-ray emission has 0.2-2.4 keV X-ray luminosities of 0.4-3.5 x 10^40 ergs s^-1. The X-ray nebulae are roughly cospatial with the largescale radio emission, suggesting that both are produced by large-scale galactic outflows. Assuming pressure balance between the radio and X-ray plasmas, the X-ray filling factor is >~10^4 times larger than the radio plasma filling factor, suggesting that large-scale outflows in Seyfert galaxies are predominantly winds of thermal X-ray-emitting gas. We favor an interpretation in which large-scale outflows originate as active galactic nucleus-driven jets that entrain and heat gas on kiloparsec scales as they make their way out of the galaxy. Active galactic nucleus- and starburst-driven winds are also possible explanations in cases where the winds are oriented along the rotation axis of the galaxy disk (Refer to PDF file for exact formulas).
Description: Also archived in: arXiv: astro-ph/9711137 v1 12 Nov 1997
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Date: 1998-04-01

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