Single wall carbon nanotube-Nafion composite actuators

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Title: Single wall carbon nanotube-Nafion composite actuators
Author: Landi, Brian; Raffaelle, Ryne; Heben, Michael; Alleman, Jeffrey; VanDerveer, William; Gennett, Thomas
Abstract: Single wall carbon nanotube (SWNT)-Nafion composite actuators have been demonstrated for 0.1-18% w/w doping of purified SWNTs within the polymer matrix. The high purity SWNTs, >95% w/w, were homogeneously dispersed into the polymer through a series of homogenization and high sheer mixing techniques. The efficient distribution of the high aspect ratio, conductive SWNT materials allowed for the actuation of the Nafion membrane to be reached at SWNT doping levels as low as 0.5% w/w. Utilizing a two-electrode bimorph cantilever actuator immersed into an aqueous lithium chloride solution, tip deflections up to 4.5 mm were observed.
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Date: 2002-11

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