Carbon nanotube doped lithium ion batteries

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Title: Carbon nanotube doped lithium ion batteries
Author: Raffaelle, Ryne; Difelice, Ron; VanDerveer, William; Gennett, Thomas; Maranchi, Jeff; Kumta, Prashant; Hepp, Aloysius
Abstract: We have characterized thin film lithium ion batteries that contain high purity single wall carbon nanotube-doped polymer anodes. Highly purified single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) were obtained through chemical refinement of soot generated by pulsed laser ablation. The purity of the nanotubes was determined via thermogravimetric analysis, two wavelength Raman spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The specific surface area and lithium capacity of the SWCNT was compared to that of other conventional anode materials (i.e., carbon black, graphite, and multi-walled carbon nanotubes). The SWCNT exhibited a specific surface area that greatly exceeded the other carbonaceous materials. Anodes were prepared by casting thin films directly onto copper foil of several ionically conductive polymers (i.e., PAN, PVDF, PEO) doped with the SWCNT. The lithium-ion capacity of the materials was measured using a standard 3-electrode cell. The electrochemical discharge capacity of the purified single walled carbon nanotubes in PVDF was in excess of 1300 mAh/g after 30 charge/discharge cycles when tested using a current density of 20µA/cm^2. The SWCNT anodes were incorporated into all-polymer thin film batteries containing LiNiCoO_2-doped polymer cathodes. Cycling results on the various SWCNT polymer combinations will be presented.
Description: "Carbon Nanotube Doped Lithium Ion Batteries," Proceedings of the 2002 Annual APS March Meeting. American Physical Society. Held at the Indiana Convention Center: Indianapolis, Indiana: 18-22 March 2002.Article may be found at:
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Date: 2002-03-18

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