Lightness dependencies and the effect of texture on suprathreshold lightness tolerance

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Title: Lightness dependencies and the effect of texture on suprathreshold lightness tolerance
Author: Montag, Ethan; Berns, Roy
Abstract: A psychophysical experiment was performed to determine the effects of lightness dependency on suprathreshold lightness tolerances. Using a pass/fail method of constant stimuli, lightness tolerance thresholds were measured using achromatic stimuli centered at CIELAB L* = 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 90 using 44 observers. In addition to measuring tolerance thresholds for uniform samples, lightness tolerances were measured using stimuli with a simulated texture of thread wound on a card. A texture intermediate between the wound thread and the uniform stimuli was also used. A computer-controlled CRT was used to perform the experiments. Lightness tolerances were found to increase with increasing lightness of the test stimuli. For the uniform stimuli this effect was only evident at the higher lightnesses. For the textured stimuli, this trend was more evident throughout the whole lightness range. Texture had an effect of increasing the tolerance thresholds by a factor of almost 2 as compared to the uniform stimuli. The intermediate texture had tolerance thresholds that were between those of the uniform and full-textured stimuli. Transforming the results into a plot of threshold vs. intensity produced results that were more uniform across the three conditions. This may indicate that CIELAB is not the best space in which to model these effects.
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Date: 2000-08

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