Accurate color reproduction of CRT: displayed images as projected 35mm slides

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Title: Accurate color reproduction of CRT: displayed images as projected 35mm slides
Author: Fairchild, Mark; Berns, Roy; Lester, Audrey
Abstract: Accurate color reproduction of images presented on a computer-controlled CRT display as projected 35-mm transparencies is a complicated procedure requiring the characterization and control of several imaging processes and the application of appropriate color appearance modeling to account for the changes in viewing conditions. We review a process for image recorder characterization, projection system characterization, and testing of color appearance models for this application. Accurate image recorder characterization was achieved through a combination of empirical modeling of the exposure and processing system and of a physical model of photographic film. The projection system characterization included specification of the spectral properties of the light source, reflectance properties of the viewing screen, and the effects of light exposure and temperature on the photographic transparencies. Color appearance models were used to predict the changes in image color appearance due to changes in media, white point, luminance, and surround. The RLAB model proved to work best in this application.
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Date: 1996-01-01

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