Signatures Magazine: RIT's journal of art and literature 2007-2008

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Title: Signatures Magazine: RIT's journal of art and literature 2007-2008
Author: Bailey, Ron; Balch, Brandyn; Busch, Erin; Carter, Angie; Christiance, Michelle; Cole, Sam; D'Amico, Amy; Decker, Erin; Domigan, Whitney; Evans, Noelle; Faulkner, Angelina; Fousanon, Elise; Girard, Michelle; Gratton, Whitney; Haas, Stephanie; Harrison, Melissa; Iverson, Maggie; Johnson, Alexandra; Khanna, Abhinit; Krasnopoler, Elliot; Lang, Seth; Luptak, Adam; McCulley, Chelsa; McManus, Sean; Moskowitz, Blaire; Murtagh, Nicole; Oviedo, Sarai; Perry, Simone; Pilato, Sarah; Pisessith, Nonthawan; Pitkin, Allison; Rounds, Scott; Rutkove, Andrew; Schmidt, Jeffery; Scott, Jessica; Seaman, Jennifer; Shan, Xiaoqiu; Sones, Matt; Stein, Jason; Su, Ning; Tressel, Whitney; Wang, Arthur; Witko, Robert; Zapetis, Nick
Description: Signatures Magazine is an RIT student publication, featuring student works of art and literature. Issued annually each spring. Managing Editors: Angelina Faulkner, Rob Witko; Faculty Advisor: John Roche; Design Coordinator: Whitney Gratton; Design Team: Rob Witko, Whitney Gratton, Angelina Faukner, Matt Flashner, Sarai Oviedo, Alexandra Johnson, Valentina Pavleska, Matt Isak; Printing Coordinator: Andrew Henry; Printing Editors: Angelina Faulkner, Sarai Oviedo; Advertising Team: Simone Perry, Sarai Oviedo, Jamie Perlman, Matt Isak, Angelina Faulkner; Editorial Team: Simone Perry, Whitney Gratton, Rob Witko, Sarai Oviedo, Matt Flashner, Angelina Faulkner; Web Masters: Rob Witko, Matt Flashner; Online Features Team: Valentina Pavleska, Rob Witko.
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Date: 2008-05

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SignaturesAllegroMag2008.pdf 77.82Mb PDF View/Open Allegro section
SignaturesCaseMag2008.pdf 2.032Mb PDF View/Open Signatures 2008 case
SignaturesRondeauMag2008.pdf 74.15Mb PDF View/Open Rondeau section
SignaturesVivaceMag2008.pdf 53.82Mb PDF View/Open Vivace section

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  • Signatures
    Signatures magazine is an annual publication featuring submitted entries in the visual arts, writing and poetry by RIT students.

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