Show simple item record Retallack, John 2008-08-19T14:59:17Z 2008-08-19T14:59:17Z 2006-2008 en_US 2006
dc.description A collection of black & white photographs of artists and educators, many of whom teach or work at Rochester Institute of Technology. Others are from the Rochester community. en_US
dc.description These files are part of a collection of photographs done by John Retallack, Assistant Professor, SPAS. All are copyright 2005-2008 John Retallack and all have metadata contained in the file with that notice. Any use by RIT or an RIT employee is authorized with the following provisions: 1. They are not to be cropped or visibly altered in any way. 2. If and when published in any form the Retallack copyright notice will be visible. All other Rights are retained by Mr. Retallack. en_US
dc.format.extent 37 en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher John Retallack en_US
dc.subject Colleagues en_US
dc.subject Charles Arnold
dc.subject Dan Wodecki
dc.subject Dane Gordon
dc.subject David McKloskey
dc.subject Dawn Tower DuBois
dc.subject Denis Defibaugh
dc.subject Donna Sterlace
dc.subject Duane Palyka
dc.subject Elaine O'Neil
dc.subject Frank Cost
dc.subject Glenn Miller
dc.subject Guenther Cartwright
dc.subject Jeffrey Wagner
dc.subject Jim Reilly
dc.subject Joe Ziolkowski
dc.subject Johannes Bockwoldt
dc.subject John Retallack
dc.subject John Roche
dc.subject Johnny Robinson
dc.subject Joyce Hertzson
dc.subject Lisa Hermsen
dc.subject Luvon Sheppard
dc.subject Lynn Wild
dc.subject Michael Peres
dc.subject Patricia Albanese (Pitkin)
dc.subject Patti Lachance
dc.subject Peter Gabak
dc.subject Ron Richardson
dc.subject Sam Abrams
dc.subject Samantha Bosica
dc.subject Skip Battaglia
dc.subject Stan McKenzie
dc.subject Susan Donovan
dc.subject Tim Engstrom
dc.subject Tom Lightfoot
dc.subject Tom Zigon
dc.subject Zerbe Sodervick
dc.title Colleagues en_US
dc.type Image en_US
dc.format.imageFormat .png, .jpeg en_US
dc.format.imageResolution 100 dpi en_US
dc.format.workFormat .png, .jpeg en_US
dc.contributor.photographer Retallack, John

Files in this item

Files Size Format View Description
zerbesodervick.jpg 53.54Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Zerbe Sodervick
charliearnold.jpg 46.85Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Charles Arnold
charliearnold.png 160.4Kb PNG image Thumbnail Charles Arnold
danegordon.jpg 34.90Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Dane Gordon
danegordon.png 107.6Kb PNG image Thumbnail Dane Gordon
danwodecki.jpg 42.37Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Dan Wodecki
danwodecki.png 172.3Kb PNG image Thumbnail Dan Wodecki
davidmckloskey.jpg 65.50Kb JPEG image Thumbnail David McKloskey
davidmckloskey.png 169.6Kb PNG image Thumbnail David McKloskey
dawntowerdubois.jpg 59.72Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Dawn Tower DuBois
dawntowerdubois.png 188.2Kb PNG image Thumbnail Dawn Tower DuBois
denisdefibaugh.jpg 62.34Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Denis Defibaugh
denisdefibaugh.png 189.3Kb PNG image Thumbnail Denis Defibaugh
donnasterlace.jpg 48.70Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Donna Sterlace
donnasterlace.png 174.6Kb PNG image Thumbnail Donna Sterlace
duanepalyka.jpg 121.0Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Duane Palyka
duanepalyka.png 466.8Kb PNG image Thumbnail Duane Palyka
elaineoneil.jpg 49.41Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Elaine O'Neil
elaineoneil.png 260.2Kb PNG image Thumbnail Elaine O'Neil
frankcost.jpg 75.10Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Frank Cost
frankcost.png 223.0Kb PNG image Thumbnail Frank Cost
glennmiller.jpg 44.43Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Glenn Miller
glennmiller.png 249.0Kb PNG image Thumbnail Glenn Miller
guenthercartwright.jpg 52.3Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Guenther Cartwrgiht
guenthercartwright.png 176.0Kb PNG image Thumbnail Guenther Cartwright
jeffreywagner.jpg 52.21Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Jeffrey Wagner
jeffreywagner.png 280.6Kb PNG image Thumbnail Jeffrey Wagner
jimreilly.jpg 39.62Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Jim Reilly
jimreilly.png 141.7Kb PNG image Thumbnail Jim Reilly
Joe-Ziolkowski.jpg 53.18Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Joe Ziolkowski
Joe Ziolkowski.png 166.8Kb PNG image Thumbnail Joe Ziolkowski
johannesbockwoldt.jpg 48.47Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Johannes Bockwoldt
johannesbockwoldt.png 176.6Kb PNG image Thumbnail Johannes Bockwoldt
johnnyrobinson.jpg 39.00Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Johnny Robinson
johnnyrobinson.png 165.4Kb PNG image Thumbnail Johnny Robinson
johnretallack.jpg 60.18Kb JPEG image Thumbnail John Retallack
johnretallack.png 203.5Kb PNG image Thumbnail John Retallack
john-roche.jpg 83.63Kb JPEG image Thumbnail John Roche
john-roche.png 234.0Kb PNG image Thumbnail John Roche
joycehertson.jpg 59.99Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Joyce Hertzson
joycehertson.png 169.3Kb PNG image Thumbnail Joyce Hertzson
lisahermsen.jpg 52.17Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Lisa Hermsen
lisahermsen.png 274.5Kb PNG image Thumbnail Lisa Hermsen
luvonsheppard.jpg 47.72Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Luvon Sheppard
luvonsheppard.png 179.5Kb PNG image Thumbnail Luvon Sheppard
lynnwild5581smprn.jpg 52.07Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Lynn Wild
lynnwild5581smprn.png 260.2Kb PNG image Thumbnail Lynn Wild
michaelperes.jpg 49.38Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Michael Peres
michaelperes.png 177.6Kb PNG image Thumbnail Michael Peres
patpitkin.jpg 48.22Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Patricia Albanese (Pitkin)
patpitkin.png 243.4Kb PNG image Thumbnail Patricia Albanese (Pitkin)
pattilachance.jpg 45.51Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Patti Lachance
pattilachance.png 138.9Kb PNG image Thumbnail Patti Lachance
petergabak.jpg 60.79Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Peter Gabak
petergabak.png 187.2Kb PNG image Thumbnail Peter Gabak
ronrichardson.jpg 58.95Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Ron Richardson
ronrichardson.png 280.7Kb PNG image Thumbnail Ron Richardson
samabrams.jpg 42.65Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Sam Abrams
samabrams.png 171.5Kb PNG image Thumbnail Sam Abrams
samanthabosica.jpg 37.10Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Samantha Bosica
samanthabosica.png 153.1Kb PNG image Thumbnail Samantha Bosica
skipbattaglia.jpg 60.08Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Skip Battaglia
skipbattaglia.png 317.1Kb PNG image Thumbnail Skip Battaglia
stanmckenzie.jpg 50.21Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Stan McKenzie
stanmckenzie.png 189.1Kb PNG image Thumbnail Stan McKenzie
susan_donovan.jpg 50.50Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Susan Donovan
susan_donovan.png 180.2Kb PNG image Thumbnail Susan Donovan
timengstrom.jpg 68.02Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Tim Engstrom
timengstrom.png 197.5Kb PNG image Thumbnail Tim Engstrom
tomlightfoot.jpg 62.71Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Tom Lightfoot
tomlightfoot.png 197.0Kb PNG image Thumbnail Tom Lightfoot
tomzigon.jpg 70.60Kb JPEG image Thumbnail Tom Zigon
tomzigon.png 203.9Kb PNG image Thumbnail Tom Zigon
zerbesodervick.png 171.6Kb PNG image Thumbnail Zerbe Sodervick

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