V1647 Ori: The X-ray evolution of a Pre-main Sequence Accretion Burst

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Title: V1647 Ori: The X-ray evolution of a Pre-main Sequence Accretion Burst
Author: Kastner, Joel; Richmond, Michael; Grosso, Nicolas; Weintraub, David; Simon, Theodore; Henden, Arne; Hamaguchi, Kenji; Frank, Adam; Ozawa, Hideki
Abstract: We present Chandra X-ray Observatory monitoring observations of the recent accretion outburst displayed by the pre-main sequence (pre-MS) star V1647 Ori. The X-ray observations were obtained over a period beginning prior to outburst onset in late 2003 and continuing through its apparent cessation in late 2005, and demonstrate that the mean flux of the spatially coincident X-ray source closely tracked the near-infrared luminosity of V1647 Ori throughout its eruption. We find negligible likelihood that the correspondence between X-ray and infrared light curves over this period was the result of multiple X-ray flares unrelated to the accretion burst. The recent Chandra data confirm that the X-ray spectrum of V1647 Ori hardened during outburst, relative both to its pre-outburst state and to the X-ray spectra of nearby pre-MS stars in the L1630 cloud. We conclude that the observed changes in the X-ray emission from V1647 Ori over the course of its 2003–2005 eruption were generated by a sudden increase and subsequent decline in its accretion rate. These results for V1647 Ori indicate that the flux of hard X-ray emission from erupting low-mass, pre-MS stars, and the duration and intensity of such eruptions, reflect the degree to which star-disk magnetic fields are reorganized before and during major accretion events.
Description: Also archived in: arXiv:astro-ph/0607653 v1 Jul 28 2006
Record URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1850/7539
Date: 2006-09-01

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