Considering the surround in device-independent color imaging

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Title: Considering the surround in device-independent color imaging
Author: Fairchild, Mark
Abstract: When viewing images, the relative luminance of the surround has a profound impact on the apparent contrast of the image. For this reason, photographic transparencies intended for projection in a darkened room are produced with an objective contrast substantially higher than that necessary for optimum reproduction as prints viewed in an illuminated surround. The dark surround causes the image elements to appear lighter and this effect is stronger for darker colors resulting in a loss in perceived contrast. This effect is also of great importance in device-independent color imaging since resultant images might be observed in a wide variety of media and viewing conditions. Research on psychophysical scaling of brightness and lightness and the effects of background and surround relative luminance on lightness and chroma is reviewed. The importance of this research for deviceindependent color imaging systems is described along with the prediction of these effects using the RLAB color-appearance model. Finally, experiments testing the use of RLAB and other color-appearance models in cross-media color reproduction applications are described.
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Date: 2007-03-14

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