Evidence for accretion in the high-resolution x-ray spectrum of the T Tauri Star System Hen 3-600

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Title: Evidence for accretion in the high-resolution x-ray spectrum of the T Tauri Star System Hen 3-600
Author: Huenemoerder, David P.; Kastner, Joel; Testa, Paola; Schulz, Norbert S.; Weintraub, David A.
Abstract: We present high-resolution X-ray spectra of the multiple T Tauri star system Hen 3-600, obtained with the High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrograph on the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Two binary components were detected in the zeroth-order image. Hen 3-600-A, which has a large mid-infrared excess, is a 2-3 times fainter in X-rays than Hen 3-600-B, due to a large flare on B. The dispersed X-ray spectra of the two primary components overlap spatially; spectral analysis was performed on the combined system. Analysis of the individual spectra was limited to regions where the contributions of A and B can be disentangled. This analysis results in two lines of evidence indicating that the X-ray emission from Hen 3-600 is derived from accretion processes: line ratios of O VII indicate that the characteristic density of its X-ray-emitting plasma is large; a significant component of low-temperature plasma is present and is stronger in component A. These results are consistent with results obtained from X-ray gratings spectroscopy of more rapidly accreting systems. All of the signatures of Hen 3-600 that are potential diagnostics of accretion activity -- X-ray emission, UV excess, H-alpha emission, and weak infrared excess -- suggest that its components represent a transition phase between rapidly accreting, classical T Tauri stars and non-accreting, weak-lined T Tauri stars.
Description: Also archived in: arXiv:0708.4393v1 [astro-ph]
Record URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1850/8435
Date: 2007

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