Quantifying mixed adaptation in cross-media color reproduction

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Title: Quantifying mixed adaptation in cross-media color reproduction
Author: Henley, Sharron; Fairchild, Mark
Abstract: This paper describes an investigation undertaken to address the goal set by the CIE Technical committee TC8- 04: "To investigate the state of adaptation of the visual system when comparing soft-copy images on self-luminous displays and hard copy images viewed under various ambient lighting conditions." A set of psychophysical experiments have been conducted for the determination of corresponding colors between printed stimuli under CIE Illuminant D50 simulators and CRT displayed stimuli with a D93 white point. The experiments were completed with 15 observers and 6 different viewing conditions. Analysis was completed to quantify any systematic effects of viewing configuration and to identify the extent to which existing adaptation and appearance models can predict the results. After examining a number of adaptation transforms, preliminary results showed how a simple von Kries type adaptation transform provided the best predictions for all conditions while subsequent iterations of the von Kries transform using simple ratios between the adapting and ambient illuminants improved upon these results. The results also indicated how the CIECAM97s model, given certain conditions, could provide results equal to or better than the von Kries model.
Description: Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Publishers book can be found here: http://www.imaging.org/store/physpub.cfm?seriesid=4&pubid=243
Record URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1850/8453
Date: 2000

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