RIT Undergraduate Symposium 2008

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Title: RIT Undergraduate Symposium 2008
Author: Braganza, Andrea; Souza, Amanda; Birdsall, Laura; Stevens, Eric; Newman, Dina; Razali, Ayman; Waud, John; Rapp, William; Pough, Harvey; Chen, YuLin; Sweet, Hyla; Albanese, P.; Riordan, Matthew; Easton, Roger; Madigan, Mandy; Koroleski, Alex; Cummings, Daniel; Maxfield, Myles; Welshans, Nathan; Wilson, Peter; Reed, Kenneth; Babin, Nick; Neiss, John; Hurley, Ryan; Kopchak, Tom; Wright, Kate; Sweet, Hyla; von Lazewski, Gregor; Hirschman, Karl; Montgomery, Bryce; Mishra, S.; West, Kali; Cezo, James; Jenkins, K.; Seager, Thomas; Albers, Eric; Dell, Zachary; Parkes, J.; Franklin, Scott; Dunne, Carolyn; Green, Tim; Martini, Michael K.; Zimmerman, Seth; Smith, Janice; Smith, Kelli; Jones, T.; Ross, David; Thurston, George; Pelz, Maddie; Quinn, Sean; Robinson, A.; Rague, Byran; King, Wilma; Nyguyen, D.; Craig, Paul; Hrinda, G.; Snios, B.; Kallen, Tyler; Smith, Delmonize; Baum, Stefi; Noel-Storr, J.; Giles, Nathan; O'Dea, C.; Saraf, Summer; Segall, Kevin; Olles, M.; James, Andrew; Madden, P.; Wallingford, Mark; Landi, Brian; Stephany, T.; Putzig, Eli; Brown, Darryle; Haehnel, Ben; Carter, Dawn; Thurston, George; Day, Steven; Dorn, Stephanie; Perry, Elizabeth; Torres, Essie Sierra; Lindberg, Vern; Ganter, Matthew; Ried, Christopher; Ferran, M.; Schreiner, Emily; Rosen, M.; Maria Del Valle, E.; Cooke, Dwight; Bowlus, Chris; Luxmore, S.; Sierra-Torres, E.; Clark, J.; Richardson, William; Raffaelle, Ryne; Shah, B.; Cress, C.; King, Sharese; Covington, Ann; Kandlikar, Satish; Smith, Thomas; Kolev, J.; Landi, B.; Glenn, Chance M.; Hawker, J. Scott; Lipchick, Brittany; Swartzenberg, J.; Smith, G.; Conway, N.; Hornak, J.; Ferrara, Joseph; Rettmann, Ryan; Liwosz, Tim; Collison, Christina; Leffler, Meredith; Purington, Jonathan; Langner, Andreas; Foreman, Angela Lee; Cody, Jeremy; Craig, Paul; Loudermilk, Adam; Lundgren, Carl; Frisco, Sarah; Monfette, Amber; Pollard, Robert; Villarroel, Suyana; Rugg, Kyle; Bernstein, Herbert; Anctil, Annick; DiLeo, Roberta; Cos, G.; Doolittle, Richard; Miri, M.; Merrill, Andrew; Landi, Brian; Coombs, Sidney; Harrison, Duncan; Ziebel, Samuel; Collison, Christopher; Gasic, Drazen; Potter, M.; Kingston, E.; Lu, F.; Lund, Jillian; Rodriguez, Mayra; Debies, T.; Takacs, G. A.; Craig, Paul; Tusch, Douglas; Kohl, J.; Vo, Thomas; Underhill, Linda; Ge, C.; Weaver, Abbey; DeBartolo, E.A.; Allen, Virginia; Anctil, Annick; Klofas, John; Merrill, Andrew; Fields, Paul; Sahin, Ferat; Hosking, M.; MacDonald, Claire; Huynh, Samantha; Tarlowski, Carla; Grimm, Michael; Easton, Roger; Hatfield, Noel-Storr; O'Dea, Baum; Marcotte, Eugene; Duda, Janelle; Bright, Allison; Cunningham, Danielle; Battista, Nicholas; Harkin, Anthony; Luna, Luis; Lu, Z.; Lewis, Ryan; Buckley, Larry; Juan, Jackson; Rozanski, Evelyn; Wang, W.; Kirsch, Joelle; Carcamo, N.; Filkins, Laura; Totten, A.; Pagano, T.; Lamkin-Kennard, K.; Robinson, R.; Pough, Harvey; LaManna, Jacob; Souza, Amanda; Norton, Mike; Rath, Cody; Kirsch, Joelle; Polly, Stephen; Steffens, Jonathan; Marwah, Upasana; Barth, Michael; Rommel, L.; Pawlik, D.; Thomas, P.; Johnson, Kelly; Kurinec, Santosh; Syafruddin, Saiful Effendi; Mottarella, Scott; Mazur, Ludwika; Cheng, Z.; Li, J.; Haselkorn, Mike; Carcamo, Nelsy; Park, J.S.; Hydrick, J.; Bai, N.; Carroll, M.; Fiorenza, J.; Lochtefeld, A.; O'Handley, Suzanne; Barlow, Margaret; Seabaugh, A.; Brindak, Mike; Horton, Jerry; Hanson, Brett; Hubbard, S.; Robinson, Risa; Thompson, P.; Kassis, Michael; Yurchenko, K.; Kim, Thomas; Diwan, K.; Wagner, A.; Evans, Irene; Levchenko, I; Stiebitz, P.; Ostrikov, K.; Mariotti, Davide; McCabe, Andrew; Westin, Charles; Pagano, Todd; Herder, Laura; Manley, R.G.; Chen, Cheng-Kai; Peters, B.; Crandall, Gabrielle; Kim, Thomas; Matash, Abdul; Enriquez, Ariel; Pelz, J.; Weigand, J.; Myers, Jordan; Allston, Thomas; Bernius, Matthew
Abstract: The Undergraduate Research Symposium was founded to honor student achievement in scientific research and to further RIT's goal of combining traditional laboratory work and classroom instruction with experiential learning. The symposium now hosts over 40 presentations a year and includes representatives from industry leaders including Eastman Kodak and Xerox.
Record URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1850/9019
Date: 2008-08

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ABrightAbstract2008.pdf 70.19Kb PDF View/Open Principal component analysis of combined imaging modalities of leaf 57 verso in the archimedes palimpsest
ACovingtonAbstract2008.pdf 76.83Kb PDF View/Open Spatial expression of delta in e. tribuloides using wholemount in situ hybridization
AEnriquezAbstract2008.pdf 67.31Kb PDF View/Open Towards achieving high compression ratios for digital video using a combined planar and sequential d-transform algorithm
AJamesAbstract2008.pdf 59.47Kb PDF View/Open Identity formation and expression through baggy clothing in the inner-city african-american adolescent male
AKoroleskiAbstract2008.pdf 60.53Kb PDF View/Open Constructing a diskless high-performance computing cluster using recycled hardware
AMatashAbstract2008.pdf 55.74Kb PDF View/Open BookIt! : An Open source software platform for the collection, reformatting, and publishing of content from online data repositories
AMcCabeAbstract2008.pdf 71.63Kb PDF View/Open Automated electrical characterization of silicon-onglass micro-fabricated devices
AMonfetteAbstract2008.pdf 66.70Kb PDF View/Open Synthesis of nickel based salicylaldiminate single-site catalysts
ARazaliAbstract2008.pdf 71.42Kb PDF View/Open A Comparison of baits for sampling isopods
ASouzaAbstract2008.pdf 79.66Kb PDF View/Open Investigation of the mitochondrial genome for variants that protect against hearing loss
ASouzaAbstract2008.pdf 79.66Kb PDF View/Open GJB2 (connexin 26) does not appear to influence suceptibility to presbycusis
ATottenAbstract2008.pdf 76.69Kb PDF View/Open The Vesicular stomatitis virus matrix protein alone is not able to suppress IFN MRNA expression
AWeaverAbstract2008.pdf 62.67Kb PDF View/Open Ink-jet printing of polymer solar cells
BLipchickAbstract2008.pdf 71.69Kb PDF View/Open Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis and omniscan: Part 2
BMichaelAbstract2008.pdf 52.58Kb PDF View/Open High temperature characterization of III-V on si esaki diodes
BMontgomeryAbstract2008.pdf 42.63Kb PDF View/Open Security solution for cluster based wireless sensor networks using random pre-distributed key management
BPetersAbstract2008.pdf 60.48Kb PDF View/Open Paraphyletic relationships within ctenosaura pectinata
BRagueAbstract2008.pdf 65.57Kb PDF View/Open Star formation analysis in the brightest galaxies and clusters from infrared and ultraviolet emissions
CChenAbstract2008.pdf 70.26Kb PDF View/Open Controllable linear nanowire frabraction by diblock copolymer polystyrene-b-poly(2-vinypyridine)
CDunneAbstract2008.pdf 84.88Kb PDF View/Open The Role of Seventeen magazine on female adolescent selfimage: Images of models and their impact
CMacDonaldAbstract2008.pdf 73.55Kb PDF View/Open Principal componenet analysis of multispectral images of unidentified leaves from the archimeded palimpsest
CRathAbstract2008.pdf 11.91Kb PDF View/Open Ex-situ investigation of gas diffusion layer and channel water management in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
CRiedAbstract2008.pdf 69.36Kb PDF View/Open Role of the vsv m protein on NF-kB regulation in l929 cells
CTarlowskiAbstract2008.pdf 63.99Kb PDF View/Open Understanding user viewing behavior with regard to online newspaper advertising
DBrownAbstract2008.pdf 64.31Kb PDF View/Open Job satisfaction and detrimental self-reward: A Hidden issue
DCookeAbstract2008.pdf 60.66Kb PDF View/Open Modeling the intrusion of a gas diffusion layer into flow channels of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
DCunninghamAbstract2008.pdf 81.75Kb PDF View/Open ALDH18A1- A Possible role in age related hearing loss
DGasicAbstract2008.pdf 75.24Kb PDF View/Open Digital principles for health related behavior change
DTuschAbstract2008.pdf 57.67Kb PDF View/Open Studies toward the total synthesis of eletefine
EAlbersAbstract2008.pdf 66.98Kb PDF View/Open Characterization and analysis of solar cells using isc-voc and dark diode curves
EKingstonAbstract2008.pdf 79.91Kb PDF View/Open Surface functionalization of carbon nanotubes with nitrogen atoms
EMariaDelValleAbstract2008.pdf 56.32Kb PDF View/Open The Effects of terrorism on foreign direct investment in an andean nation: Colombia
EPerryAbstract2008.pdf 74.02Kb PDF View/Open Glutamate signaling and signal transduction in arabidopsis thaliana and mentha spicata: Preliminary work
EPutzigAbstract2008.pdf 10.65Kb PDF View/Open Towards the dependence of phase separation of eye lens gamma b crystallin on ionic strength
ESchreinerAbstract2008.pdf 60.89Kb PDF View/Open Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms from patient samples with autoimmune disease of the liver primary sclerosing cholangitis (psc)
HNoel-StorrAbstract2008.pdf 60.81Kb PDF View/Open The Correlation and underlying distribution of luminosity for fr1 and fr2 radio galaxies
JCezoAbstract2008.pdf 67.32Kb PDF View/Open Novel ventricular cannulae design for use with ventricular assist devices
JClarkAbstract2008.pdf 69.99Kb PDF View/Open Polyethylene/starch nanocomposites made in-situ using single-site catalysts
JCodyAbstract2008.pdf 60.52Kb PDF View/Open A Study of the efficacy of 3-d virtual models as an additional tool toward visuospatial learning in an undergraduate setting
JFerraraAbstract2008.pdf 64.37Kb PDF View/Open Determination of 3-dimensional deformations of the alveolar sac during simulated breathing
JJacksonAbstract2008.pdf 52.19Kb PDF View/Open Modeling of polarization curves of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
JKirschAbstract2008.pdf 12.25Kb PDF View/Open A System for measuring smoke deposition in a realistic lung cast to compare “safer” and “conventional” cigarettes
JKolevAbstract2008.pdf 74.94Kb PDF View/Open Enhanced passivation of p3ht:pcbm bulk heterojunction photovoltaic devices
JLamannaAbstract2008.pdf 63.33Kb PDF View/Open Simulation of heat and mass transport in gas flow streams of a pemfc from a water management perspective
JLundAbstract2008.pdf 57.65Kb PDF View/Open Antibiotic use in agriculture
JMyersAbstract2008.pdf 81.57Kb PDF View/Open Characterization of the dbc1-induced cell death pathway
JNeissAbstract2008.pdf 74.99Kb PDF View/Open A Multicamera system using immersive projection to create natural views for steering a remote vehicle
JPuringtonAbstract2008.pdf 59.71Kb PDF View/Open Re-examining gaze behavior during locomotion
JSmithAbstract2008.pdf 65.21Kb PDF View/Open Molecular phylogeny of terestrial isopods
JSteffensAbstract2008.pdf 73.80Kb PDF View/Open Fluid flow and particle deposition in the human oral cavity and oropharynx
JSwartzenbergAbstract2008.pdf 70.17Kb PDF View/Open Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis and omniscan: Part 1
KJohnsonAbstract2008.pdf 64.69Kb PDF View/Open Circuit simulations using an empirical model of a gaas esaki diode
KRuggAbstract2008.pdf 68.53Kb PDF View/Open Electrochemical analysis of near-infrared dyes for polymer solar cells
KSegallAbstract2008.pdf 89.41Kb PDF View/Open Static light scattering studies of the molecular weight and second virial coefficient of eye lens alpha crystallin, as functions of ph and ionic strength
KWestAbstract2008.pdf 70.69Kb PDF View/Open Life cycle perspective analysis of single wall carbon nanotube Li-ion battery anode energy consumption
KYurchenkoAbstract2008.pdf 255.5Kb PDF View/Open Self-organized ni nanodots for carbon nanotubes growth by atmospheric plasma
LBirdsallAbstract2008.pdf 61.77Kb PDF View/Open Investigation of the serotonin 2b receptor for an effect on the risk of developing presbycusis
LFilkinsAbstract2008.pdf 57.95Kb PDF View/Open Proteomic analysis of an e. coli orf135 knockout mutant
LHerderAbstract2008.pdf 57.43Kb PDF View/Open Novel solvent shifting technique for suspended ceo2 nanoparticles from aqueous to organic solvent media
LLunaAbstract2008.pdf 39.52Kb PDF View/Open Process intensification of solid extraction of ensiled materials by microwave heating
MBrindakAbstract2008.pdf 84.1Kb PDF View/Open Mechanical polishing for omvpe grown polycrystalline III-V photovolatics on low-cost substrates
MGrimmAbstract2008.pdf 58.60Kb PDF View/Open Two-phase flow regime classification using fast fourier power spectra
MMadiganAbstract2008.pdf 49.28Kb PDF View/Open Human visualization project: models for gross anatomy
MMartiniAbstract2008.pdf 34.47Kb PDF View/Open Theoretical studies of the electrostatic properties of the eye-lens protein gamma-b crystallin
MNortonAbstract2008.pdf 57.73Kb PDF View/Open The Effect of cilia coordination and mucus rheology on clearance in the respiratory tract
MPelzAbstract2008.pdf 55.45Kb PDF View/Open Filtration of rods
MRodriguezAbstract2008.pdf 65.79Kb PDF View/Open Services provided for the health-related consequences of community violence among the hispanic youth of the city of Rochester
NBabinAbstract2008.pdf 65.08Kb PDF View/Open Investigation into un-induced eccentric radial motion of a magnetically levitated ventricle assist device
NBattistaAbstract2008.pdf 46.56Kb PDF View/Open Spectrally accurate initial data for numerical relativity
NCarcamoAbstract2008.pdf 66.34Kb PDF View/Open Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) analysis of four carcinogens in cigarette smoke
PFieldsAbstract2008.pdf 61.52Kb PDF View/Open Connecting the real and virtual: Interfacing simulated systems with real systems
RLewisAbstract2008.pdf 57.44Kb PDF View/Open A Network theoretic approach to hyperspectral image classification
RPollardAbstract2008.pdf 69.95Kb PDF View/Open Biodegradability studies of polyethylene/biomass composites
RRettmannAbstract2008.pdf 66.80Kb PDF View/Open Thermal sio2 growth rate enhancement at low temperatures using an nf3 additive
SCoombsAbstract2008.pdf 34.17Kb PDF View/Open The Effect of rhodamine 101 concentration on its interactions with single wall carbon nanotubes
SHubbardAbstract2008.pdf 72.74Kb PDF View/Open Optimization of grid finger design and fabrication for iii-v based solar cells
SHuynhAbstract2008.pdf 60.59Kb PDF View/Open Analysis of the pretreatment process for haylage, wheat straw, sweet corn sialge, and varieties of conventional corn silage
SKingAbstract2008.pdf 67.76Kb PDF View/Open Studies in the synthesis of kdp nano-crystals
SMottarellaAbstract2008.pdf 65.59Kb PDF View/Open ConSCRIPT: A RasMol to PyMOL translator
SPollyAbstract2008.pdf 55.80Kb PDF View/Open Proton irradiation tolerance of InAs quantum dots in GaAs solar cells for space
SQuinnAbstract2008.pdf 60.31Kb PDF View/Open Using spectroscopy to investigate gas flows around supermassive blackholes
SSarafAbstract2008.pdf 67.34Kb PDF View/Open Jamming and flow of rod-like granular materials in a hopper
SSyafruddinAbstract2008.pdf 95.83Kb PDF View/Open Protein expression analysis of the [psi+] and [psi-] yeast strains using 2-d gel electrophoresis
SVillarroelAbstract2008.pdf 66.14Kb PDF View/Open Investigation of the electrical properties of e-beam evaporated sio2 as a function of deposition parameters such as oxygen flow, bias voltage, and deposition rate
SZimmermanAbstract2008.pdf 75.14Kb PDF View/Open Production of isogenic prion strains for transcriptional profiling studies
TGreenAbstract2008.pdf 45.16Kb PDF View/Open Random packings of spherocylinders
TKallenAbstract2008.pdf 73.46Kb PDF View/Open Utilizing swcnt properties in Li-ion batteries
TLiwoszAbstract2008.pdf 64.17Kb PDF View/Open Studies toward the total synthesis of a cross-membrane fluorometric probe
TVoAbstract2008.pdf 72.02Kb PDF View/Open Polymer/nanoclay adhesive with moisture barrier properties
VAllenAbstract2008.pdf 61.57Kb PDF View/Open Vehicle data modeling: A Tool to aid researchers in transportation policy analysis and decision-making
WRichardsonAbstract2008.pdf 30.66Kb PDF View/Open The Dream, the reality, the actions: a study of changing American values and attitudes in the 21st century
YChenAbstract2008.pdf 76.23Kb PDF View/Open Conducting polymerase chain reaction to examine the temporal expression pattern of delta, a signaling ligand, in eucidaris tribuloides
ZDellAbstract2008.pdf 35.15Kb PDF View/Open A Geometric and probablistic approach to the filtration of rods

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