High-power microwave generation from large-orbit devices

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Title: High-power microwave generation from large-orbit devices
Author: Destler, William; Chojnacki, E.; Hoeberling, R.; Lawson, W.; Singh, A.; Striffler, C.
Abstract: Experimental and theoretical studies at the University of Maryland on the production of high-power microwave radiation in cusp-injected, large-orbit devices are reviewed. Three classes of devices belonging to this category are discussed. In the first case, an axis encircling rotating electron beam interacts via the negative mass instability with the modes of a smooth cylindrical waveguide, producing broad-band radiation at multiple harmonics of the electron cyclotron frequency. In the second case, the beam interacts with a multi resonator magnetron circuit designed to provide mode control, resulting in high-power radiation at a desired cyclotron harmonic. In the third case, the beam interacts with a transverse wiggler magnetic field produced by samarium-cobalt magnets placed interior andlor exterior to the beam. In this case the interaction is analogous to a circular geometry free-electron laser, The most recent experimental results from all three configurations are reviewed and compared with theoretical expectations. The possibility of enhanced operational efficiency in all of these devices by electron energy recovery is discussed, and a design for a first experiment to test this concept is presented.
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Record URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1850/9596
Date: 1988-04

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