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dc.contributor.advisor Pugliese, Rudy Mandanas, Laura Shapiro, Caitlin Cushing, Leanne Spiecker, David Crawford, Alecia Leljedal, Stephen Barbato, Michael Connor, Janis Howard, John Morah, Chukwuma Gotschall, Danielle Kimball, Kayla Mittner, Thomas Stark, Evan DeMoney, Neil
dc.contributor.editor Howard, John
dc.contributor.editor Patterson, Kelvin
dc.contributor.editor Zubak-Skees, Chris
dc.contributor.editor Ofunne, Adimabua
dc.contributor.other Michael Gasson
dc.contributor.other Katherine Lawter
dc.contributor.other Lindsay Block 2009-05-21T14:35:47Z 2009-05-21T14:35:47Z 2009-02-06
dc.identifier.citation RIT Reporter: Official publication of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester, N.Y.: Rochester Institute of Technology, 2009. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Local businesses en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Rochester Institute of Technology en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries vol.58
dc.relation.ispartofseries no.19
dc.title Reporter en_US
dc.title.alternative RIT Reporter en_US
dc.title.alternative Reporter Magazine en_US
dc.type Magazine en_US
dc.contributor.photographer Chow, David
dc.contributor.photographer Pfost, Steve
dc.contributor.photographer Porter, Jeffrey
dc.contributor.photographer Unkovski, Georgi
dc.contributor.photographer Witek, Evan
dc.contributor.designer Evan Anthony
dc.contributor.designer Ryan Moore
dc.contributor.designer Kelvin Patterson
dc.contributor.designer Lisa Barnes
dc.contributor.ExecutiveEditor Mandanas, Laura
dc.contributor.ManagingEditor Shaw, Ilsa
dc.contributor.CopyEditor Spiecker, David
dc.contributor.NewsEditor Rees, Andy
dc.contributor.SportsEditor Reickel, Jack
dc.contributor.FeatureEditor Villavicencio, Madeleine
dc.contributor.ArtEditor Sobota, Susie
dc.contributor.PhotographyEditor Drummond, Eric
dc.contributor.BusinessManager Gotschall, Danielle
dc.contributor.AdvManager O'Neill, Kyle
dc.contributor.artist Anderson, Katie
dc.contributor.artist Eberts, Joanna
dc.contributor.artist Mancuso, Matt
dc.contributor.artist Miszkiewicz, Robin
dc.title.article Editor's Note en_US
dc.title.article Table of Contents en_US
dc.title.article Tackle The Dorms en_US
dc.title.article The Inauguration en_US
dc.title.article SG Update en_US
dc.title.article RIT Forecast en_US
dc.title.article Little Shop of Horrors en_US
dc.title.article Shy or Socially Anxious en_US
dc.title.article Taking Perfectionism to the Next Level en_US
dc.title.article Living With ADHD en_US
dc.title.article Domination en_US
dc.title.article RIT Alpine Ski and Snowboarding Club en_US
dc.title.article Artifact en_US
dc.title.article Who Needs School Spirit? en_US
dc.title.article Rings en_US

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