High-average-power CW FELs for application to plasma heating designs and experiments

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Title: High-average-power CW FELs for application to plasma heating designs and experiments
Author: Booske, J.; Granatstein, V.; Radack, D.; Antonsen, T.; Bidwell, S.; Carmel, Y.; Destler, William; Latham, O.; Levush, B.; Mayergoyz, I.; Zhang, Z.
Abstract: A short-period-wiggler (period - 1 cm), sheet-beam FEL has been proposed as a low-cost source of high-average-power (1 MW) millimeter-wave radiation for plasma heating and space-based radar applications. Recent calculations and experiments have confirmed the feasibility of ths concept in such critical areas as rf wall heating, intercepted beam (“body”) current, and high-voltage (0.5-1 MV) sheet-beam generation and propagation. Results of preliminary low-gain sheet-beam FEL oscillator experiments using a field-emission diode and pulse line accelerator have verified that lasing occurs at the predicted FEL frequency. Measured start oscillation currents also appear consistent with theoretical estimates. Finally, we consider the possibilities of using a short-period, superconducting planar wiggler for improved beam confinement, as well as access to the high-gain, strong-pump Compton regime with its potential for highly efficient FEL operation.
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Record URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1850/9637
Date: 1990

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