Multi: The RIT Journal of Plurality and Diversity in Design (Autumn/Winter 2008)

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Title: Multi: The RIT Journal of Plurality and Diversity in Design (Autumn/Winter 2008)
Author: Beech, Nicholas; Ebert, Carola; Cinti, Laura; Boland, Howard; Szacka, Léa-Catherine; Bould, Trish; Oldridge, Kathy
Description: Multi provides a multidisciplinary venue though which truly forward-looking, practical matters pertinent to design can be discussed and shared amongst design professionals with colleagues from those academic disciplines influenced and affected by advances in design and design technology.
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Date: 2008

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CEbertArticle2008.pdf 3.292Mb PDF View/Open Into the great wide open: The West-German modernist bungalow of the 1960s as a psycho-political re-creation of home
LCintiArticle2008.pdf 376.0Kb PDF View/Open The Martian Rose (2007): Exposing a rose to the Martian Environment
LCSzackaArticle2008.pdf 554.9Kb PDF View/Open The Architectural Public Sphere
NBeechArticle2008.pdf 314.9Kb PDF View/Open Introduction: Telling Places
TBouldArticle2008.pdf 902.9Kb PDF View/Open Dilemmas and Practices

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